Photography is another important element in my work of producing visual content, in addition to that of videography. Moreover, a majority of the technical elements of these two disciplines are similar and can be used in both cases. Photography is also important to me and accompanies the visual elements of the video. In many cases, both are necessary to highlight a product or promote a brand or company.

A major part of my photographic work consists of photographs and retouching / editing as well as color correction of photos of several photographs of landscapes and urban and natural monuments. This work is then followed by an editing process as well as the printing and display of the photographs.


Development of a collection of urban photographs often edited in a coherent way according to the geographical origin of the photo and following a colorimetric consistency for the shots of the same city/location.

Thus, the realization of triptychs such as that of the city of London in the video presented above corresponds to an image of the city expressed in the photographic shots as well as in the video..