Creation of visual content and editing of a video for the Rolls Royce brand as part of the presentation of the Ghost model at an event in China.

Video production made with the digital content creation company and 3D Cityshake Limited. This video consists of four different and distinct parts following four atmospheres and themes requested by the brand.

The visual content created was then projected onto large screens arranged around the vehicle in the model showroom for display during the event.


The result visually expresses the Rolls Royce brand image with the presentation of the various elements of the vehicle in a detailed and aesthetic way in an immersive and expressive sound environment of a luxury image.

The video was edited using visuals provided by Rolls Royce such as car images and some 3D reconstructions as well as digital and 3D art produced by Cityshake Limited and enhanced/edited during editing.

Several weeks will have been necessary for the editing and creation of the final video, thus reflecting the care for detail and perfection necessary and central to the brand image and of a luxury product such as that of the company and vehicles of Rolls Royce.